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More Than One Way Home

Liner Notes I would to thank the great musicians on this CD, Jason Lewis-drums, Dan Robbins-bass, and most of all, my long time friend and music partner, Rick Vandivier on guitar. Thanks to Dean Hodgson for his wonderful photography, and

Every Mother’s Son

Every Mother’s Son This album picks up where “We Know How it Feels” left off, with the emphasis on jazz and blues but with vocalist Nate Pruitt and the band stretching out even further. Listen or Buy Song List Sweet

We Know How It Feels

We Know How It Feels An amazing collection of tunes featuring vocalist Nate Pruitt, focusing primarily on jazz and blues, but also including elements of swing, soul, pop, spiritual, and Latin styles … even a trademark deep Southern yodel. Listen

Primary Colors Struts Out a New Hue at the Sanchez Concert Hall

Jean Bartlett – Pacifica Tribune: “Primary Colors laid down their ground rules before their Friday night set even began. It’s ten minutes or more till showtime. The musicians, Rick Vandivier – guitar, Glen Richman – Bass, George Marsh – drums

Vocalist, Guitarist at Heart of Primary Colors

Andrew Gilbert Special to the San Jose Mercury News The best jazz happens through an elaborate process of trial and error in which musicians explore various concepts while searching for an ideal blend of personalities and sounds. That was how

Jazz, Cool Sass and Lullaby on Primary Colors Latest CD “Every Mother’s Son”

Jean Bartlett – Arts Correspondent, Pacifica Tribune Blend a few pounds of yams, some evaporated milk, a sweep of vanilla and a bunch of sweet and buttery stuff and you’re going to find your taste buds are just whistling for

Main Shading of Primary Colors Is The Blues

Andrew Gilbert San Jose Mercury News: The name Primary Colors hints at the vivid musical hues generated by vocalist Nate Pruitt and guitarist Rick Vandivier, but not all shades are equal in their musical pallet. The truth is that more